• Entree

    • Soup of the day


      Freshly made soup every week

    • Sauces (Mushroom, Pepper, Garlic or Gravy)

      $2 each

      Delicious Homemade sauces served in a side dish

    • Seasoned wedges + Sour Cream + chilli sauce


      Bucket of seasoned wedges with homemade chilli sauce and sour cream

    • Chips


      Bucket of crispy Chips with a sauce of your choice

    • Oysters kilpatrick 1/2 dozen


      Fresh Oysters served with BBQ and diced bacon sauce

    • Garlic Bread


      Freshly cut and toasted French sticks with Homemade garlic butter.

    • Bruschetta


      Garlic bread with Fresh Tomatoes, Red onion, Fetta cheese and mixed herbs served on a platter with 5 piece

    • Oysters Kilpatrick Dozen


      Dozen fresh Oysters with BBQ and diced Bacon Sauce